Home Solar Powered - Heating and Hot Water

Solar powered heating and hot water generation can show significant long term cost of energy savings.

Geothermie only install the highest quality solar powered heating panels to suit the UK climate.

  • Solar heating panels are usually installed on the roof to maximise the amount of sun they receive.
  • Alternative installation sites for solar heating panels can be selected. We can discuss compliance with local planning regulations.
  • Geothermie offer a full installation and maintenance service for solar powered heating panels.
  • Grants for installation of solar powered heating panels are available - please ask us for information.

Geothermie are an accredited installer of Vaillant solar water heating panels.

How does Solar Powered Heating work?

Pumped water is circulated through solar heating panels mounted on the roof of a property or alternative location. This solar heated hot water is then passed through a heat exchanger system to extract the heat with the cooled water then re-circulated back to the to the solar heating panels.

During the hours of daylight cold water within the storage vessel is heated by this constant supply of solar heated water from the solar heating panels. Solar heating can work even on cloudy days.

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Not all properties are suitable for solar heating panel installations so we would strongly advise you to enquire about the possibilities and limitations of this technology.

To assist you in this we offer a FREE consultation and advisory service. So, why not take advantage of our experience in solar heating panel system installations? Call us on 01372 869777, ask us to call you back or contact us.